Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WANTED: Those touched by an Illinois adoption

The silent people do need to come forth for Illinois to become an open records state. We know how busy people can become but please take the time to speak out. It is the adoptee who had a civil right stolen and it needs to be restored so all adult adoptees have access to their original birth certificate. But it is important for birth parents, adoptive parents, genealogists and other interested parties to speak out. The State Registry and the Confidential Intermediary system are ineffective and are not a substitution. Everyone is needed - please do not sit back and think that others are taking care of things. See www.ilopen.org


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog! I agree that everyone needs to get involved. Please visit me at www.adopteeeducation.weebly.com

lulusue said...

March 10, '09

For years I've been struggling to get my original birth certificate in my home state of Illinois. The cruelty with which I've always been treated each time I asked the lawyer who handled my adoption in 1968, and others like social workers, is abnormal. These people are not human.

I'll be glad to join the activism to get Illinois adoption records opened to adoptees. Gee, I HATE that word!

Kathy Caudle
Illinois Adult Adoptee

Nancy said...

I was born in 1958. I was adopted. Mother was not married. Unplanned pregnancy can happpen to anyone. (A) should not be forced on people. No one should be coarsed in to giving their offspring for (A). My mother was fired from her job because she was pregnant. No one offered to help her KEEP ME not even her own family. I was born in the delivery room of a home for unwed mothers. Mother was told she would be selfish if she kept me she was born in 1929. Was not a teenager. We were reunited in 1980. Thru letter I wrote to the Baby fold in Normal,ILLinois. Mother was still in the area, They gave a letter I wrote to my mother. Mother wrote a letter to me and then called me AND WE MET FOR THE FIRST TIME AT HER home as complete strangers. My mother turned 80 years old in 2009. Because of changes in the Illinois laws I was able to get my original birth certificate from a judge in the county I was born in. I also completed a search for my father and his family. I believe all states need to go back to Open records.
If people are going to (A) the adopted should have adoption certificates with the adoptive parent's names on the adoption cerificate in stead of (B) certificates. Falsified (B) cerificates should not be legal or allowed with the names of their natural (P) replaced with the names of the adoptive (P) I think mothers who give their babies life should keep them if they want to. Punishing an unwed mother by taking her child away for (A) only hurts the innocent (B) and causes a life time of pain for mother and baby. (A) was very hard on me emotionally. Wealthy and or older parent's do not neccesarily make good parents. Every attempt should be made to keep mother and baby together. They need to stop treating (A) as tho it is a comsumer process. I am disgusted at the amount of adverising there is on the internet, in newspapers and on T.V. to try to get women to give up their (B) to complete strangers for (A). My mother Could not keep me because she was not married. I am offended because they allow single men and woman to adopt. I am very offended that they allow single (S),(G)and(L) to adopt. Times may have changed but single adoptions are unexceptable. I consider(G) and (L) to be single. Two men and two women cannot by nature have babies together so they should not be allowed to adopt a (B) or get married. Or even create a (B) thru sperm banks or whatever. There is no garantee babies or children adopted by two parents one male and one female will have both parent's until they are grown. But to deliberatly give an unrelated baby to a single person to (A) is just wrong. Some may think it is O.K for (G) and (L) to adopt. Declaring a women unfit to raise her own child just because she is not married is wrong. Adoptive parent's have turned out to be abusive and even murdered the child they adopted in some cases. Just wanting to adopt someone elses baby just because some married couples cannot have their own or just because some single person straight, gay, or lesbian want to adopt. Adopted baby's and children grieve for their natural mother all there lives. My mother never married and had no other children. Where is the justice in giving up your only child to strangers for adoption. Mother did not pick my parent's and my father did not legally have to sign away his rights. My name given at birth was changed. The exploitation of natural mothers and their babys needs to stop. Legalized kidnapping is what some of us adoptees feel like happened to us. It can be a happy ADOPTION IN A HAPPY HOME AND MOST NATURAL MOTHERS AND BABIES /CHILDREN WILL still MISS AND GRIEVE THE LOSS OF THEIR MOTHER'S TERRIBLY. WHILE
been emotionally disturbed for most of my life because of the loss of my mother.
An Adult adoptee Nancy