Saturday, April 18, 2009

Illinois Adoptees Talk Back

I just discovered your website and was reading a blog about successfully gaining access to sealed adoption files in the state of Ill. I am 47 years old and a very happy adoptee with a wonderful and supportive family. I never had an interest in searching but some years ago, at my doctor’s encouragement I began the process.

I was adopted through Catholic Charities in Chicago and started with them. Beyond the non-identifying info. they were no help and I found my interactions with them some what debasing. To have to pay and deal with a gum chomping hair-twirling college student who clearly had not the slightest interest in my plight was beyond the pale. Sadly, she did have power as she had access to the most basic of information that I was denied.

I was fortunate to hire someone privately who was able to locate my siblings within four days. Unfortunately, my birth mother had passed away many years ago at the age of 38 leaving four children behind. At this time, three of my sisters are also deceased.

What I find incredible is some one identified as my birth mother's sister sent a letter to Catholic Charities informing them of her death and the circumstances of which have a potential genetic component. They put into my file and there it sat until I finally contacted them.

I cannot tell you how angry I am at the total lack of regard for human life. Having lost my best friend to the same sudden death I was all too familiar with how serious this was. After paying them to find my birth father...they were unable...and they don't refund your $500.....They have the name for heaven's sake --are they idiots? Maybe they should stop recruiting college students to this work

I would like to find out about my bio. Father, but unfortunately only have non-identifying info. My doctor is happy to write what ever is necessary to obtain medical information. Is there away to petition the court for this info? based on medical reasons? I haven't lived in Illinois for many years and am out of touch with what has been going on .If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

If anyone has any suggestions for IL Adoptee, please write to and we will pass them along to her.

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lulusue said...

May 19, 2009

As I studied the proposed the Original Birth Certificate legislation that inched its way through the Illinois General Assembly in 2008 that would have enabled us adoptees of Illinois unrestricted access to our original birth certificate I slowly came to a sad realization. In truth state officials, which includes every elected AND appointed politician in every state-run agency, don't want to release original birth certificates either to adoptees and/or anyone else.

Such is because of the potential for a flood of litigation. False information was and remains recorded in adoption files. This unfavorable information usually is about the biological mother and/or father of her/their child[ren] who is/are before the court being adopted.

Enabling biological mothers and/or natural fathers to view this incriminating information about herself/themselves is risky. It could enable the biological mother and/or father to have a cause of action to sue.

Natural mothers and biological fathers could see some of this unfavorable information about her/himself or themselves by way of their natural-born child[ren] obtaining a copy of her/his/their original birth certificate. Most often this would constitute enough DEFAMATION against the biological mother and/or father for her or him to sue the state.

In the case of my son being ripped away from me the people at Children's Aid Society of Utah--social worker Colleen Burnham, lawyer David McConkie, and government official Orrin Hatch--they all wrote false information about me in the adoption files they generated. In these records the three (named above) lied about me by calling me a drug addict and alcholic, and also criminalized me by wrongly accusing me of such horrible things as murder and bank robbery.

For my son to obtain a copy of his original birth certificate which would be blank--since Colleen Burnham and David McConkie would not let me give my child a name--this defamation will be enough for me to sue. And even though Orrin Hatch is supposed to be a buffer against any litigation from my and my son's adoption situation the fact remains suit could still be filed.

Similarities exist in Illinois. Such is my point. Thank You.

Kathy Caudle
Adoptee/Natural Mother